Turning Motivation to Drive

“With drive and a bit of talent you can move mountains.” Dwayne Johnson – The Rock.

Passion fused motivation

Our journey on understanding motivation and how it works began by debunking the myth that motivation isn’t important. We saw how motivation is an internal thing that’s birthed by inspiration and amplified by action. We also saw that our motivation is dependent on three things: Our willpower, environment, and experiences. However, there are times when we won’t be motivated. Because of our nature, there are times when we will not act in response to our inspiration. Discouragements and disappointments will at times slow us down. But the good news is that our nature also gives room for something more powerful than discouragement, that is passion; the energy that powers our souls.

What comes to mind when you see Red Bull, the energy drink? The first thing that comes to mind is their famous commercial slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”. But unlike the energy drink that’s loaded with sugar and caffeine, and of course won’t give you wings, passion on the other hand, when fused to motivation will help you plow through discouragements and disappointments. If I can borrow some words from the Red Bull slogan, passion gives motivation wings. When we fuse our passion with our motive for action, then we expand our motivation capacity. Passion is the jet-fuel for motivation.

Beyond Yourself

Look at these names: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks. If you look at these people’s lives, there is one specific through-line to their stories; they all lived beyond themselves. Their lives are marked with inspiration, passion, motivation, and selflessness. At the heart of our desire to move from motivation to drive is a life that must be lived beyond ourselves. Therefore, we must find a way of pointing our motivations towards our purpose. However insignificant it may look to the larger human story, like eating healthier, working out, being positive, or earning an associates degree, wherever we apply our motivation we must tie it to fulfilling our purpose.

In today’s post, I will share with you two major ways to turn your motivation to drive. But let me clarify two important things. First, is the difference between the two words, motivation and drive. While, motivation is a one-time action,  drive is a one-time action made into a habit. When you make motivation a habit it becomes drive. Second, it will require you to be intentional to daily work towards turning motivation to drive. With that let’s get started.

1.     Be an active member of a tribe 

Where you’re from or your birth place, has great potential to shape your destiny. Picking a tribe that you will belong to is the conscious decision you will make to employ the potential of who you are, your story, strengths, personality, and opportunities, to shape your destiny.

A tribe is the place where you turn your motivation into drive. Surround yourself with people of common values. Seek out relationships that will simultaneously encourage and challenge you. People who will believe in you and bring resources to achieve your dreams and aspirations. This is integral to maintaining a state of motivation, until it becomes a habit. It is impossible to remain motivated in any goal if you are among people who are negative and critical. As we saw earlier, our environment is the pillar of motivation.

Belonging to a tribe in itself isn’t enough. Being an active and engaged member is what creates value. To turn motivation into drive in any area of your life, you must use your motivation to do these three things in your tribe.

  • Create a positive environment by maintaining a positive attitude. People with critical and negative attitudes create environments that are toxic.
  • Give more than you receive to other members of your tribe. Your joy is proportional to your giving. If you focus on what you receive, you will always be unsatisfied. But when your focus is on giving you will enjoy abundance.
  • Create a safe space for others to add value to you through advice. It’s your responsibility to create an atmosphere where others can talk to you. I am amazed by how people waste opportunities because they were unapproachable even when they struggled.

If you do this, you will realize that your tribe becomes the place where your passion fuels your motivation to achieve your purpose. While your tribe is the where to turn your motivation to drive, a system is how to do it as we will see next.

2.     Develop a system and use it

Motivation goes beyond a mere feeling. It’s a choice that we make. Understanding this is important on how we approach it. When we view motivation as a feeling then we fall into the trap of holding up on taking action because we feel we aren’t ready. I believe this is worth repeating, motivation is a single decision to act on our inspiration while drive is a chain of decisions to act continuously on our inspiration, thus becoming a habit.

In view of turning motivation into a habit, we must develop a system that we will use to achieve this. A system is a process or a set of processes that enables progress in achieving an objective. The sole benefit of having a system is to make progress. So, the objective should be to have a process of making motivation a habit. 

When it comes to building the drive to achieve small and big things, I believe you must have a system that allows you to do the following;

  • Improve your skills daily. Skills are what we build when we start something new and are what boosts motivation the most. You’re more motivated to do something you built skills at than what you have zero skills in. So, your system should help you build specific skills that you’re aware of. 
  • Increase your curiosity in what matters. A good system should increase your learning. It should lead you to asking more questions. Questions are the gateway of curiosity. And when we are curious, we become engaged and motivated.
  • Allows you to recharge, review, and reset. Lastly a good system allows room for calibration. Since drive is a habit, your system should make it easier by incorporating rest in your process, review for removing rough edges and resting for you to stay motivated.

In summary, your motivation will flow from within and become your drive to fulfill your inspirations as you choose your tribe wisely. The people in your life are your biggest environmental factor that will generate your most valuable experiences. Also, a great system will help you manage your willpower to achieve success in all endeavors.

What’s Next….

The immediate next thing is to examine the systems you have to achieve your goals and see where adjustments are needed. Also, measure your contribution to the people in your circle, if it is less than or equal to what you are receiving then increase your giving, keeping in mind that some of the most valuable things you can give are not tangible, such as love, encouragement, or having faith in someone. As you turn your motivation to drive, remember the power of drive that’s captured in Dwayne Johnson’s – the Rock quote, “With drive and a bit of talent you can move mountains.”

Go move mountains!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I enjoyed reading this. The idea that you can turn motivation into drive and the difference between the two was an eye opener for me. After reading this, I learned that drive is where I want to be if I want to stay on the path to my destiny. I needed this.


  2. beatsshad says:

    Great Article Samson,Love the part that you said passion is a jet-fuel for motivation.Word!
    I have learned that if motivation and a bit of talent starts from within then the drive to my destination is achievable.God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jenneth Maamen says:

    This is a great article Sam, the tribe, our environment who and what kind of people we associate with and many more good stuff. It is well said and it is a eye open for me…. I need this fuel to fire me up to higher heights.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sam Gichuki says:

      Hello Janneth, hope that your week was great. I am glad to hear that you fueled up in this post. Keep Soaring.


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