Keys to Walking by Faith


Walking by faith is the single most powerful quality that will enable you to do things you thought were impossible and take you to places you hadn’t imagined. It will open the doors of abundance and unlock your potential. But walking by faith requires vision. It’s impossible to take a step of faith without vision. The best definition of faith I have come across is this, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The second half of this definition, evidence of things not seen, is only possible by vision. Therefore, vision is the prerequisite for walking by faith.

Vision is the ability to see beyond what’s on the surface or the current conditions. It’s seeing beyond what your natural sight enables us to see. Vision provides us with the reasons to take action in our present moment to create a new reality. It also ignites in us the courage to take the steps of faith.

Size of steps

Walking by faith is taking the steps towards what you have visualized. It’s taking actions that will lead to achieving what you hope for. It’s making decisions that aligns your current actions to your future desired outcome. Often, whenever we hear people talking about walking by faith, we tend to think it’s always referring to the big moves in life, but what I have discovered is that walking by faith is not measured by the size of steps taken but rather by number of steps taken. Whether it’s taking a small or  big step, or making a small  or  big decision, What counts is that we are moving towards what we envision. There are three  keys that must be in place if we are going to walk by faith to fulfill our vision. That’s what I want to share with you in today’s post. Let’s get started:

1.     Hope of the invisible

The first key to walking by faith is having hope. The first section of the definition of faith above, faith is the substance of things hoped, shows that hope is the connector of visible and invisible things. Hope is the bloodline of walking by faith. While walking by faith is taking actions (visible), hope is the roadmap that directs us from within towards our desires (invisible). We move to places of hope. We act because there is hope our actions can bring change. Where there is no hope there is inaction and destitution looms.

The opposite of walking by faith is walking by fear. Fear clouds our thinking and makes us walk in the dark. But when we choose hope, fear dissipates. Hope shines light in the darkness and guide our steps.

Hope not only guides us, it also brings forth belief. It ignites in us passion to something in the present moment that looks impossible. With hope in place you unlock the second key to walking by faith, which is believing you can do the impossible.

2.     Believe you can do the impossible

While hope is the bedrock to walking by faith and guides our steps, belief is the energy through which we make the steps; It powers the steps we take to achieving greatness and It is the second key to walking by faith. 

Believing you can do the impossible empowers you to walk by faith in three ways; first, it activates your willpower. Your willingness to do anything is dependent on whether you believe in possibilities. You are automatically unwilling to do what you don’t believe to be possible. When your belief activates your willpower you become confidence in starting and following through on your goals. Second, believing you can do the impossible will activate your imagination. Imagination is dull where there is no belief. Believing in making the impossible possible activates your mental faculties to start generating new ideas. Third, believing in doing the impossible activates your creativity. Imagination and creativity increase our capacity to start seeing new possibilities when we are faced with what might seem to be impossible to others. When these three, willpower, imagination, and creativity are activated, we start to realize something very important.  We need others in the journey of conquering mountains, doing the impossible things of life. We realize that we need fellowship with people of faith, which is the third key to walking by faith.

3.     Fellowship with people of faith

Walking by Faith is a behavior that is adoptable. No one person is born knowing how to walk by faith. In whatever situation that you have ever walked by faith, you learned how to from someone else . You learned how to believe in the impossible when you watched your parents or close friends chose to remain hopeful in hopeless situations, when they decided to take actions that at the moment seemed to yield no results, and what they believed in themselves to do things that seemed like a mountain. Keeping fellowship with people of faith is setting yourself up to pick up the habits that allows walking by faith. Fellowship in not limited to religious settings. Fellowship is any company of people we keep of whom our energies resonates in the same frequency. 

While we can classify hope and believe as potential energy for walking by faith, fellowship is what turns that potential energy into kinetic energy. People of faith, through fellowship, will turn your potential energy into kinetic or in other words make you an action-oriented person in three ways. First, they feed your faith. The people around us can only feed us with two powerful emotions, fear or faith. While people who feed you with fear will always tell you what’s impossible, people of faith will feed your faith through encouragement by showing you the possibilities. Second, they create a positive atmosphere around you. People of faith always have an elevated perspective in life. They view life in a positive way because they understand that there is already too much negativity in the world. They speak possibilities and hope in light of hopeless situation. They think of what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable and things that are of excellence or praiseworthy report. When you are around such people, you will know because you will leave encouraged because of the positive atmosphere they create. Third and most important, they direct you to resources. The most transformative benefit having fellowship with people of faith is that they are always supportive. While people of fear are always fixated on the impossible, people of faith see possibilities for themselves and others around them. This always leads them to naturally find resources to help them accomplish their vision. When we are in the company of people of faith, they are quick to point us to the direction of resources.

In summary, whenever our faith is feed, a positive atmosphere is created.  We are directed to resources. We are empowered to take the step of faith in response to the hope of the invisible we see through vision. And we begin to act on our belief of doing the impossible.  We begin to walk by faith.

What’s Next….

In a few days we will be starting a new year. I am convinced that walking by faith is what can make our future better than our past and present. So, a question I will leave with you today is this, what fellowship do you keep? Do you surround yourself with people full of fear or full of faith?

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  1. zealouszebedee says:

    well spoken; I try to surround myself with the voices of the well endowed in experience. These people have been where I am today, but they have 20, 30, 40 years’ worth of experience and have written books to offer their perspective, advice, and wisdom.
    I will listen to others, but if they aren’t speaking words of life, I don’t chew on their advice.


  2. Tina Starks says:

    I appreciate that you created space for both religious and nonreligious interpretations of your thoughts as the concepts apply in multiple contexts.

    Liked by 1 person

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