Turning The Tide Using Three Foundational Habits

The Gap. The greatest gap in living a successful life is the habit gap, which is the distance between who you want to be and your routine. It is in this gap that we experience disappointments and frustration. This gap keeps us from our best performance by preventing us from tapping into our potential. TheContinue reading “Turning The Tide Using Three Foundational Habits”

Relationships That Matters for Personal Growth

Social Distancing Since a few months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to change how we live in unimaginable ways. Nobody would have predicted that homeschooling would be the norm and wearing face masks mandatory while shopping at the local grocery stores. But of the many changes we have been made to make byContinue reading “Relationships That Matters for Personal Growth”

Here are Effective Tools for Maximum Personal Grow

Greatest R.O.I The only guarantee that you will be ready for future opportunities is by preparing for them today. Your level of readiness will determine your level of success in any endeavor. I have observed far too many people wishing for success but not realizing that unpreparedness is their greatest liability. Personal growth, the processContinue reading “Here are Effective Tools for Maximum Personal Grow”

G.O.A.L Setting for a Growth Experience

The Growth Gap How many miles can you run per day, or how many books can you read in a month? Or how much money can you earn per year? The answers to these questions are dependent on how much you’re willing to stretch yourself. Your growth determines your level of performance and achievement. AContinue reading “G.O.A.L Setting for a Growth Experience”

What Must be in Our Life’s Blueprint by Martin Luther King Jr.

The Foundation As a writer, I spend a substantial amount of time looking for the best ways to capture the attention of my readers. This was more important for today’s post because it’s an opener to a subject that holds the key to enabling us to reach our full potential. In the next four posts,Continue reading “What Must be in Our Life’s Blueprint by Martin Luther King Jr.”

This will prevent you from living a life of significance!

Maximum Security What’s one thing in your possession that you believe must be completely protected? A place where anything that comes in must be carefully examined? The wisest man, the third king of the kingdom Israel, King Solomon, gave us the answer to this question in his proverbs. He advised, “Guard your heart with allContinue reading “This will prevent you from living a life of significance!”

Moving from Average to Significance

Opportune Time The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the normalcy of life has been unprecedented. Its havoc will be felt for years to come, and the changes it will leave in its wake, without question, will be of the scale of the World Wars or The Great Depression, if not greater.  While there is noContinue reading “Moving from Average to Significance”

Marks of a Life of Significance

Ordinary people Marilyn Gambrell is a name that you might not have heard before, but the lives she touched and changed is uncountable. She came into the children’s lives in her community, whose parents were incarcerated, showed them love, and gave them hope. As a parole officer, Marilyn had witnessed many children torn away fromContinue reading “Marks of a Life of Significance”

The Art of Traveling Light: Managing Expectations.

Disappointments. Three questions for you, what do you expect of yourself, other people around you, and the outcomes in your life? Answering this question thoroughly will reveal that disappointment is at the heart of expectation, but also, expectations and disappointments are at the heart of success. Whether we are aware of it or not, thereContinue reading “The Art of Traveling Light: Managing Expectations.”