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  • Humility: The safest way to be elevated in life.

    15 Feb 2021 by

    Trademark for Strength How can you take full advantage of something? We often lose the maximum benefit of what we don’t have a full understanding. Humility is one of these qualities many people go through their entire lives without ever tapping into its full power. Failure to fully understand humility is the reason we never… Read more

  • Gratitude: The Way to Unlocks More Blessings

    27 Jan 2021 by

    This I know No bad day that lacks something good to appreciate. There is no season that doesn’t have its beauty. Despite the cold weather of winter, there is beauty in snow, and with the heat of summer, comes the attractive vegetation. 2020 has been a year that will be understandably remembered largely in a… Read more

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